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Some investigations to make about the discreditable pursuit of natural medicine according to Andrea Moritz…

Some investigations to make about the discreditable pursuit of natural medicine according to Andrea Moritz…

"Yes, I am very much aware of quackwatch.com and the organization behind it (financed by drug companies to squash alternative methods of healing). .
Please check out their involvement in smear campaigns and ugly lawsuits
which fortunately is now turning against them. I hope that this will stop
their defamation campaigns.
HYPERLINK http://www.humanticsfoundation.com/barrettvsrosenthal.htm

This is another excellent link showing why all the over 40 lawsuits by
quackwatch against health practitioners or health organizations were lost.
The main guy has been linked with the American Medical Association, not surprisingly.
HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:Mediation_Cabal/Cases/2007-04-05_Stephen_Barrett/Archive_1" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:Mediation_Cabal/Cases/2007-04-05_Stephen_Barrett/Archive_1

There are dozens of other cases you can search for on Google exposing
Barrett's true intentions, lies and fraudulent activities with the aim to
discredit alternative medicine in favor of allopathic medicine. The aim is
to sow doubt in the masses' minds about the benefits of natural medicine
because of the "threat" it poses on the survival of allopathic medicine."

I recently gave the following response to the same question: "Mr. Moran is one of many weapons that the desperate medical industry (including the pharmaceutical industry) uses to discredit the huge competition threatening their strong grip on the masses. There is a lot of money involved, which includes paying off politicians, researches, laboratories and medical doctors to persuade the masses not to get involved with all these "quacks", like myself. Everything that helps people heal naturally and that attract attention from large crowds of people is being targeted. The anti-alternative movement is huge and very well organized, going right to the top of the government agencies. Anything that has a significant chance of helping people get out of the trap created through medical treatment is to be squashed. Just one point. I used to pass about 500 stones per flush. During flushes 10, 11 and 12, I passed none. Since then I have done one flush once or twice every year (for 8 years now) and mostly I pass none to a maximum of five tiny ones. Why would I have passed 3,500 stones and during then cleanses and hardly any during all my follow-up flushes, if what this man is saying is true. He also made some major mistakes by leaving out essential information upheld by the scientific medical community, for example Johns Hopkins University. See their link that illustrates and describes "intrahepatic gallstones." His statement that real gallstones are hard and only occur in the gallbladder are very misleading and false. Intrahepatic gallstones occur inside the liver. This is taken from the following link on their website: HYPERLINK "http://hopkins-gi.nts.jhu.edu/pages/latin/templates/index.cfm?pg=disease2&organ=3&disease=27&lang_id=1" http://hopkins-gi.nts.jhu.edu/pages/latin/templates/index.cfm?pg=disease2&organ=3&disease=27&lang_id=1

Gallstones vary in size, shape and number, and may be found throughout the biliary tract. The link between cholangiocarcinoma and gallstones is unclear. HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0);" Intrahepatic gallstones may cause chronic obstruction to bile flow, promote micro injury of the bile ducts, and are associated with a 2–10% risk of the development of cholangiocarcinoma (Figure 9). HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0);" Congenital HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0);" cystic dilation of intrahepatic biliary ducts (Caroli’s disease), and HYPERLINK "javascript:void(0);" choledochus cysts have also been closely associated with development of cholangiocarcinoma."

Warum kann Olivenöl nicht im Magen-Darm-Trakt verseifen?

FAQs to Andreas Moritz
I read on the Internet that the stones people passed during the liver flush are just hardened lumps of olive oil. Is there any truth to this?
A.M. There is an effort on behalf of certain well-known herbalists, doctors, and establishments to discredit the beneficial effects of the liver flush by stating that these gallstones are actually “soap stones” made of olive oil or produced by the liver in response to the sudden ingestion of large quantities of olive oil. These individuals have their own reasons for making such statements, which is not for me to comment on. They have obviously never done a liver flush themselves. Otherwise they would realize what these stones are made of and what happens to their body when they release them. 1. Olive oil does not assume the putrid smell that emanates from most released gallstones. The smell is unlike that produced by fecal matter or anything you have ever smelled. 2. Olive oil cannot congeal into such relatively hard or dense structures, even if it were chemically altered and manipulated in a laboratory. This is even more impossible, given the short time frame the olive oil has to travel through the GI tract and the total unavailability of any thickening agents. 3. Analysis of released gallstones reveals that the majority contains all of the basic ingredients that make up liver bile. Organic matter may also be present. Many of these stones consist of layers and layers of old, dark green bile, something that does not happen overnight. The rest of the stones are the typical calcified gallstones found in the gallbladder. The dark red or black bilirubin stones some people pass during their flushes certainly cannot pass as olive oil “soap stones.” 4. The olive oil mixture does not even go through the liver, as it would if it were combined with food. Therefore, during the liver flush, the liver does nothing but release gallstones and bile. Neither the liver nor the small intestine can act as a soap stone factory. 5. Once the liver and gallbladder are completely clean, no more gallstones are released after ingesting the oil/citrus juice mixture. If these stones were indeed made from olive oil, they would also occur during a liver flush done after the liver has been completely cleansed and all bile ducts are clear and open. However, this is not the case. Once the liver has been completely cleansed, the liver flush produces no more stones, regardless how much olive oil one ingests during a liver flush. Besides, the olive oil consumed during liver flushes does not always produce the same results. During one cleanse only fifty stones may come out, whereas during the next one, as many as a thousand may be expelled (not uncommon). To make a thousand or more stones from half a cup of olive oil reminds me of the story of Jesus Christ, who from several loaves of bread, multiplied them into thousands. I am not sure how the body could perform such a miracle. 6. Because of intolerance to olive oil, some people have used, for example, clear-colored macadamia nut oil during their flushes and produced just the same green-colored stones. Cholesterol stones that exactly match these green stones can be found in the bile ducts dissected livers. 7. If stones were just blobs of olive oil, why do so many people get cured from "Chronic illness" such as asthma, allergies, cancer, heart disease, and even paralysis, after passing numerous “soap stones” during their liver flushes? 8. Many people have released stones of different colors: black, red, green, white, yellow, and tan. Olive oil does not have coloring agents in it to produce stones of different colors.
9. People who have sent their stones in for chemical analysis have received reports that almost all the stones were made from cholesterol and salts. These constituents are identical to those in the cholesterol stones found in gallbladders which have been removed. A very small number of “stones” consisted of organic matter of unknown origin. These could easily have been trapped in bile ducts along with the gallstones XE "Gallstones" .
10. Quite a few individuals, including myself, have sometimes passed green cholesterol stones on the evening of the flush, even before taking the olive oil mixture. Others, who had already done several liver XE "Liver" flush XE "Liver flush" es, have reported stones coming out during the apple juice XE "Apple juice" phase, all without the help of olive oil. These stones that come out on their own have no different shape, color, and smell than the ones released during the actual flushes. 11. It is conventional medicine, and not Andreas Moritz, that proved the presence of cholesterol stones in the bile ducts XE "bile ducts" XE "Bile ducts" of the liver XE "Liver" . The medical term for these stones is “intrahepatic stones XE "Intrahepatic stones" XE "intrahepatic stones" ,” or “biliary stones.” These green stones, made of cholesterol and some bile constituents, are, in fact, oily and decompose when exposed to warmer air temperatures and oxygen XE "Oxygen" . Cholesterol XE "Cholesterol" itself consists of about 96% water. These cholesterol stones are quickly broken down by destructive bacteria when released into the environment. This does not occur, however, while they are trapped in the bile ducts of the liver. 12. There are plenty of photographs of dissected livers in the medical archives of university clinics that show the presence of these stones in the bile ducts XE "bile ducts" XE "Bile ducts" of the liver XE "Liver" . 13. It is a medically proven fact that millions of people regularly pass green sludge consisting of sometimes dozens of green cholesterol stones in response to eating a very fatty meal XE "Meal" . These stones are not composed of the oils or fats that were ingested. They are forced out of the liver XE "Liver" and gallbladder XE "Gallbladder" along with the expelled bile. Unfortunately, unlike during liver flush XE "Liver flush" ing, some of the stones get caught in the common bile duct XE "Common bile duct" or even in the pancreatic duct. There is no difference between the stones that are released involuntarily and those passed voluntarily during a liver flush. The liver XE "Liver" flush XE "Liver flush" is not the result of a placebo effect. The calcified stones released by the gallbladder XE "Gallbladder" , usually after five to eight liver flushes, are identical to those found in dissected gallbladders. They do not disintegrate and remain stone hard. Only semi-calcified stones may shrink in time; yet the calcified shell remains intact. I personally suffered over forty gallbladder attacks XE "Gallbladder XE "Gallbladder" attacks" during a period of more than ten years, and my gallbladder was packed with stones, causing a painful short spinal scoliosis XE "Scoliosis" . Since my first liver XE "Liver" flush XE "Liver flush" I never suffered another attack. The scoliosis, among other health problems, vanished after my twelfth cleanse. After that, none of my yearly flushes has produced any stones, although I used exactly the same procedure. My gallbladder is completely clean and efficient now.
Thousands of people from all over the world have saved their gallbladders through liver XE "Liver" cleansing. Others have fully regained their health and even saved their own lives by doing this cleanse. Those who intentionally promote or spread the strange and unsubstantiated claim that liver cleansing produces olive soap stones, rob their compatriots and themselves of the opportunity to take care of their own health. This is something they will have to live with.

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