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All inclusive Prices For A Liver Flush

8 Day Liver Flush and Detox Programme (from Andreas Moritz)

Including: Pulse diagnosis with determination of type, dietary advice, medical supervision, complementary ayurvedic therapies and classical naturopathy.

Example for an Individually Tailored Programme

2 x Honey Massage to promote detoxification of the tissues,
2 x Aromatic Steam Bath
2 x Ear Acupuncture (seat of acupuncture points for liver and metabolism), 

1 x Relaxing Back Massage with warming poultice 

1 x Foot Reflexology Massage with gradient footbath,
2 x Colon Hydrotherapy or respectively 1 x Cleansing Caffeine Enema
1 x Liver Poultice
In addition we also offer the following:

1 x Yoga Session

1 x Gong Meditation for deep Relaxation

Lecture: ‚Lifestyle for your Type ’ and ‚Why does the Liver need a Detox?’

Light and delicious ayurvedic cuisine to aid detoxification.

Total all-inclusive price for 8 Days:
7 Nights in Single Room in Guest Accommodation: From €1,470
7 Nights in Double Room in Guest Accommodation: From €1,381 per Person
Included in these amounts:
Cost of Therapy: €900
All meals (incl. apple juice and liver cocktails) €275
7 Nights in Single Room in Guest Accommodation: €295
7 Nights in Double Room/Holiday Apartment: €206 per Person
The rates quoted for accommodation are subject to a small visitor tax paid to the local authorities.
The Liver Flush and Detox Programme can be booked at any time of the year provided places are available.

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